My Sonett V4

This is a 1969 SAAB Sonett V4 purcased from Barton motors in Pittsburgh Pa. in late 1969 .

Arlene Stevens was the first owner and cared and loved this car for it's 1st 37 years! I used to jokingly tell Gene that he would have to bury Arlene in this car, as she would never give it up<g>

I was head SAAB mechanic at Barton, and when I left, she followed me for service & repairs wherever I worked.

Finally in late 2005 Gene called me and said they had decided to give me the car! I said I couldn't aford to buy the car, He said I said we want to GIVE you the car! After I got up off the floor, I said I would take it<G>

Note the car was not running, and rust had once again done it's dirty deed from mostly sitting in storage the last 10 or so years.
69sonett-s1002005.jpg 69sonett-s1002003.jpg 69sonett-s1002002.jpg
At a car cruise in 2007, note still has the stock steel wheels, and the very expensive hub caps<g> I bought 4 sets before getting a perfect set! Then found a set of rare mag wheels! Grrrrr.. I always wanted them...
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